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Presenting mocha Pro V4 at the San Diego Film Maker’s Group


I’m Mary Poplin. When it comes to film, I do it all. I’m what you’d call a “generalist,” and I find having many tools in my tool belt to be a great asset in an industry that is constantly changing and growing as technology surges forward.

As a professional artist and part-time actress living and working in Los Angeles, California, I’ve worked on all kinds of projects for film, television, and product development; working jobs like marketing cleanup, paint work, color keys, product design, web design, graphic design, compositing, stereoscopic conversion, and matte painting, as well as participating in local theater and indie short films. I always wear many hats and I always get the job done right. I also try to give back to the artistic community whenever I can by teaching young artists the basics in small groups and one on one.

Currently I am loving life and my work with Imagineer Systems as a Product Specialist and making new short films with “Nerds Making Shit!“. I visit studios and support our mocha product line. For freelance and film production, I have a client list of national and international brands, including full time and and freelance projects with some of the best people and companies in the industry such as Paramount, NickelodeonCafe FXOmationThresholdFingr’s, and Stereo D. Please see my movies page for information on the films I have worked on.

I can operate the latest Adobe Creative Suite and many other compositing and painting programs with ease and use real media as well. My Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration gives me a strong foundation while my continuing education in traditional artwork gives me flexibility in my tasks while working in the fast paced environment that production requires. I am as proficient at manipulating splines with a Wacom tablet as I am at using a paintbrush.

My experience in the industry has given me realistic expectations about and a unique understanding of film. I am comfortable from pre-to-post production, on set and in the studio.

In my free time I help support, help write for, and also play in a local gaming group, Dying Kindgoms. I hone my improv, costuming, and stage combat skills with some of the most wonderful and talented people in the Los Angeles gaming scene.

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