Flower Headbands A-Go-Go!

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Flower Headbands A-Go-Go!



OK, so I went on a making things kick tonight, I made about nine flower headbands. It turns out flower headbands are a thing of mine. They’re like bow-ties, but girlie. I make them to put in my hair because I don’t like to have to style it and because everyone I run into loves them (and I think they work for me). They brighten my day. I just put a flower in my hair and run out the door. Done and done. It’s a great system.

Invariably my girlfriends want them too. So I end up making them and giving them to friends. Some of these are going to friends and some of them go into my rolodex of headbands to match my outfits. But I figured I’d finally put pictures up so you guys know what the hell I am talking about.

I do not sell them. They can only be gifts. It’s kindof a thing. They’re “magic” like that.

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