I Finally Joined SAG

OK, so I finally bit the bullet and joined SAG. I’ve been in a few commercials, plays, and short films in the past, and about a year or more ago I was cast in a principal role in a new media film produced by Ryan Omega. I became eligible for SAG through that project and this month I finally joined the most prestigious guild in the industry. The entrance hurdle fee is the biggest hurdle, but I think it is worth it.

I’m not sure what to say about the whole experience except that when a door opens you had best walk through it and see where it leads before it closes forever. It might be that I get more acting work, it might be that I don’t. But I’ll never know unless I take the plunge. So here I am, working an awesome day job, and pursuing acting work as well. Can I balance it? I think so. It’s an amazing opportunity, I have a huge support network, and I think I have the right attitude. I want to pursue the work, not build fame. I think if I approach it with the same attitude I give to my work and my art I should be OK.

Thanks for all the support, guys. Love, love, love you all.



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