Mary Poplin in Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend for Motionfest.

I have arrived!!!

As you might have seen online, I am speaking tomorrow at Motion Fest this year for Imagineer Systems. Many other talented artists from all kinds of awesome companies in the industry are here with me in Albuquerque, New Mexico, all waiting for the upcoming week to speak. I’ll be talking a little bit about our planar tracking software and how best to use mocha in your VFX and motion graphics pipelines. I’m very excited! To find out more, please visit the Motion conference here. I will be speaking in The Hotel Andaluz.

This is a great opportunity to find out more about our software and to visit and get to know me in person. Make sure you stop on by our table, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

I will be giving two talks tomorrow, Sunday, October 9th, 2011:


mocha & mocha Pro have been used to assist the stereo conversion process on many acclaimed 3D releases such as: Alice & WonderlandVoyage of the Dawn TreaderGreen Lantern and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Stereo conversion is the process of transforming existing 2D content and preparing for 3D projection or broadcast. Get a first hand look at technical challenges and strategies that companies are using to convert films to 3D. It’s a great opportunity to learn skills that will allow you to expand into this rapidly growing segment of the post-production industry: stereo conversion.

Planar Tracking for Graphics & Effects 2:40 pm

Traditionally, motion tracking and rotoscoping have been the “necessary but difficult” tasks associated with motion graphics animation and visual effects compositing. Whether inserting content into mobile devices, having text follow actors precise movement or simply animating articulate masks; tracking & roto represent time consuming tasks for artists. Learn how easily you can achieve pixel accurate planar tracking in broadcast design and commercial visual effects work using mocha and mocha Pro. The end result provides more time to focus on creative, less on technical.

What is motionfest?:

“Motion is known for bringing together the brightest and most creative minds in the motion graphics, visual effects {VFX}, and animation industries. This year is no exception…”

motion is our annual event. Hundreds of brilliant minds – pros in the film, broadcast, and game industries – all coming together to share unique ideas that revolutionize the industry, change the way they look at their work and serve as inspiration for one another.

It all starts off with motionfest (10.9.11) – our pre-conference event where you’ll experience a full-day of rapid-fire tips, tricks, and technique sessions.

Then at motion, (10.10.11-10.11.11) we’ll take you on a mind-bending two day ride – what we refer to as the “TED talks” of our industry. motion speakers are the top creative thinkers and innovators in motion graphics, animation, and vfx. A concept borrowed from TED, each speaker is on stage for 20 minutes giving the talk of their life on subjects they’re passionate about. Talks that revolutionize the industry. Talks that revitalize the creative muse.

The audience becomes a integral player in the motion experience. Utilizing the latest technology, participants are encouraged to join in the open discussions provided after each segment. It’s their turn to share their expertise and insight in this process of innovation.”

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