There’s a video up of me at SIGGRAPH.

I was filmed doing a demo at SIGGRAPH!

I always wonder how I come across in demos for imagineer systems, nice to be able to see it on camera!

Ricky Grove came by imagineer systems’ booth at SIGGRAPH and took this nifty handheld video of me for his publication. His 4 part coverage of Siggraph 2011 started last week and continues this week at “Mary Poplin, product specialist, demonstrates the “Remove Tool” which is part of the planar tracking program mocha Pro developed by Imagineer Systems. This video was shot at the IS booth during Siggraph 2011 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.”

Mary Poplin mocha Pro Remove Tool demo at SIGGRAPH 2011 on Vimeo.

Mary Poplin demoing the remove tool at SIGGRAPH for imagineer systems on YouTube.

You can go to to download a 15 day free trial and try mocha Pro out!







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