The Ladies of Dying Kingdoms Calendar.

Help Support Our DK Community!

I worked on a Calendar this past year to raise funds for our game, Dying Kingdoms, and now it’s available to buy online.

Joell Rull, Ray Mosco, Myself, Morgan Buck, and Flip Cassidy did the photo work, and I did all the cleanup and photoshoppage. I am also modeling in this calendar O_o. This was a labor of love for our game, and it’s totally a “Cheesecake” pinup calendar of our wonderful (and lovely) gaming girls… IN COSTUME. So my Half Troll is in there, as is Liz’s ancient “elf”, and there’s even dark elves and lizard ladies. This took a lot of work and we would love for you to support our game by taking one of our 2012 Calendars home with you. You will not be disappointed, and they make great gifts. We can even ship them to you.

While this calendar is photoshopped to adjust colors, paint BGs into a fantasy realm, and clean up small things in the images like removing modern items; we wanted this to be a calendar of real women and their real bodies. Any changes that have been made to our ladies are meant to reflect this and do not change the type of our ladies’ bodies and their overall appearance. These are real women in real makeup and real costumes. And we are proud to celebrate the natural beauty of our wonderful women that were brave enough to model for this project.

The game itself is written by Jesse Heinig and DK wants to thank all the wonderful players and staff who makes this game run every day. We appreciate your support and couldn’t do it without you guys.

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