I’m Helping with “Autumn comes to Verrakis”!


Friday, Sep 2 2011, 7:00 pm – Monday, Sep 5 2011, 2:00 pm

I will be helping write and NPCing for Autumn Comes to Verrakis, part of the Dying Kingdoms game I am super lucky to be involved in.
This event runs for all three days of labor day weekend, Friday through Monday and will be held at a permanent Renaissance Village in Corona.

The Story: The Illumin calendar leaves a lone, 5 day week at the midpoint of the year. Occurring just at the end of Summer, as the Autumn harvest looms, the Midyear Festival is a time of revelry, celebration and joy. But the Verrakans will never be outdone by their Illumin cousins. Midyear in Verrakis is a party for the ages. Entertainers from far off lands, exotic goods and food and drink are here for all to enjoy. But the Grimjaw threat has not yet ended, and danger is always just around the corner. (If you want to find out more you’ll have to come play with us!) Join us for four amazing days of costumes, combat, improv, and role playing!


  • PC Early Registration is $60. It is slightly higher than usual due to the location and duration of the event. Registration price will go up a bit before the game. We recommend you reserve this as soon as you can. We’ll announce the end of early registration and the end of registration very soon.
  • All NPCs may attend free. They should be prepared to provide their own food and shelter. We’ll have a lot of water on hand, though. We have a lot of fun carnival roles and a lot of heavy combat parts to hand out, so we encourage all NPCs or groups of NPCs to contact us at npcs@dyingkingdoms.com as soon as you know you are coming. We want as many NPCs as possible and we want them involved in planning the event as early as possible.
  • There will be a large group meal the first night and probably a breakfast as part of the festival atmosphere. There will be a separate fee for those who would like to be involved. This will be announced in a week or two.
  • If you can not make it, consider making a donation to this awesome group!

Location Details

Crossroads Riverview Park

  • Address:    14600 River Rd, Corona, CA 92880 (map)
  • Phone:       951-735-0101
  • California’s only permanent Renaissance Village. Over 100 acres of natural beauty includes an outdoor amphitheater, meeting room, old world village, 2-acre garden, arena & stalls, plenty of parking. Our park has 180 Acres of unlimited possibilities and is available year-around. On land leased from the US Army Corps of Engineers.


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